Random items

Things that came close to being thrown out this weekend, in no particular order:

  • Original Turbo Pascal 5.5 Upgrade on 5,25″ disks
  • Modula2 compiler, also on 5,25″ disks
  • Microsoft DirectX barf bag
  • 3dfx key chain
  • Pen with integrated 80s-style LCD game
  • 3 Iomega Jaz Disks (all probably dead from click-of-death-syndrome)
  • 12 Ikea LACK table legs
  • CodeWarrior for PlayStation Net Yaroze
  • Watcom C++ 10.5
  • Intel spring-loaded wind-up modem cable thingy
  • Tomb Raider Christmas-themed clock-in-a-can

No wonder there were so many boxes to move…

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