No-one expects the ravioli can…

Dangerous items used today (selection):

New 1200W circular saw
Freshly sharpened Swiss army knife
Assorted kitchen knives
300°+ soldering iron
Lawn mower

Items with which I managed to hurt myself:

Empty can of . . . → Read More: No-one expects the ravioli can…

Dear Ikea…

Please consider making the obligatory allen keys optional, like sand they tend to get everywhere and are hard to get rid of. Perhaps you might consider giving them away like you do pencils. Also, enough with the whatsits to fasten things to walls. No one uses them, we like living with the risk of being crushed by . . . → Read More: Dear Ikea…

Blinkenlights plus

Ok, so it’s a far cry from a preamp controller board, but I got a simple character-based LCD hooked up to the AVR and managed to display some (shockingly original) text (not actually that difficult once you understand the principles). Also note the ’80s HP inkjet printer stand. The final preamp controller will probably use a . . . → Read More: Blinkenlights plus