11 Programmer Time Wasters

…that could have easily been avoided (note: compiler warnings are friends. They are not food) and would have saved me lots and lots of (compile) time. Working on somebody else’s codebase is always an adventure, but if these three points had been followed, my week in C++ would have been much less painful.
Clumsy array template declaration

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Old Skool

As expected, “hello world” on the Atmel board was basically just a bunch o’blinking LEDs, although it’s still debatable whether the end result will be a K.I.T.T. or a Cylon. It’s been a very long time since I’ve written anything in assembler, and I had pretty much forgotten just how fiddly it can be, but writing . . . → Read More: Old Skool

Layers of Abstraction

AVR Studio running on Windows XP within VMWare Fusion on a MacBook Pro connected to an STK500 with an ATS908515¬†through a USB/serial adapter… that’s a long way from the development IDE to the target. I think the included gcc compiler¬†(please bring your PIN number to the ATM machine with the LCD display in the department of . . . → Read More: Layers of Abstraction

So much for the hype

So I finally broke down and bought “Getting Things Done” on sale last year, but if anyone asks if it was any good, all I can answer is “don’t know, haven’t found time to read it yet.” Well, not completely at least, but I have got so far as to learn that to-do lists aren’t very . . . → Read More: So much for the hype

Manual shift

When I was first learning to play, my left hand was always weaker and so the stronger right-hand, um, hand would dictate speed and accuracy. Now it seems to be the opposite, with the right wearing out quicker, being less accurate and often simply unable to keep up, which seems slightly odd. Or is just a . . . → Read More: Manual shift