Reading the fine print(f)

While using a custom logging function, I always wondered why gcc wouldn’t complain when parameters didn’t match the format string. An eagle-eyed colleague actually found almost every single mismatch during a code review, but I was certain that there was a flag to enable these checks, and there it was: -Wformat. The only problem was, it . . . → Read More: Reading the fine print(f)

Speaker simulation

My brain seems unable to reconfigure to full review mode, so I’ll just post this half-coherent bunch of paragraphs while the impressions are still fresh, even if they are a bit enthusiastic.

With my ragtag collection of CDs, I headed out to Karlsruhe on Saturday to visit Michael Ehrlinspiel of Capaciti and test-drive some of his speakers. Since the Capaciti offices are a bit cramped these days, he was kind enough to set things up in his living room. He had already had visitors earlier in the day (which is why it worked out at all) so it wasn’t just for me, but still, that’s one reason why shopping from small-scale manufacturers can be a lot more fun than just heading out to the nearest big-box store – it’s a much more personal experience.

First impression? The speakers are as big as they look in the pictures, but the semi-transparent effect is, for lack of a better word, pretty cool. Since the larger X2 were already attached, we started out with a good blast of Metallica to gave a first taste of what type of volume these things are capable of. It really is amazing how much sound the thin, almost completely transparent foil can just literally create out of thin air.
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Choices, choices…

Somewhat spontaneously, I’m off to see a man about some speakers. I guess I hadn’t really expected a next-day appointment (note to self: appoitments can only be made by or with Pinky) to be possible, so now I’m left making last-minute choices about what CDs to grab off the shelf. It’s hard enough to find a reasonable . . . → Read More: Choices, choices…

…and speaking of workarounds

As usual, it’s the little things that seem to cause the greatest delays. Case in hand: Trying to get the TV to select the correct input. It could have been so easy, all that was needed was a unique IR command per input, which Logitech’s profile for the Panasonic plasma helpfully includes – too bad the . . . → Read More: …and speaking of workarounds

VDR and Harmony 785

I expected to have to conjure up all kinds of workarounds to get my VDR system working with the Logitech Harmony 785, but it turns out the process was fairly painless, if a bit involved. Thankfully, there already exists a profile in the Logitech database (under PVR : KLS), so I copied the lircd.conf from the vdr-wiki, deleted . . . → Read More: VDR and Harmony 785