Smart & Gets Things Done

Drat. What used to be my default answer to the dreaded “what is your greatest strength” interview question has (danger, overly dramatic phrasing ahead) now been sacrificed on the altar of clichédom. I managed to successfully ignore the whole “GTD” mania and convince myself that “I get things done” is a half-decent answer, but now Joel Spolsky has gone . . . → Read More: Smart & Gets Things Done

Trains, Whisky and Audiophiles

Ok, that’s stretching the “T, P & A” meme it a bit, but still sums up the weekend in Frankfurt at InterWhisky 2007. Tried some great stuff and managed to avoid buying anything expensive, although the Highland Park 25y Single Cask was mighty tempting… But I can’t believe that someone actually markets a product called “Swhisky”. Sure, . . . → Read More: Trains, Whisky and Audiophiles


Sure, being able to play Divx files with your DVD player can be useful. A bit of buzzword compliance and hi-res HDMI output can’t hurt. USB port? Why not. Progress is great, one tenth the cost of the old player and so many new features.

What’s that? You’d like to open the disk drawer with the remote control? . . . → Read More: QA = FAIL

Scientific Progress Goes “Shrink”

Bottom: Almost top-of-the-line DVD player bought in 1998.

Top: Mid-range DVD player bought in 2007. Cost < 10% of the above…


According to our TV, it has been on just over 5.400 hours in the last eight to nine years, which works out to around 1:43 per day, or 7,2%. Is that cause for worry, or is that . . . → Read More: Scientific Progress Goes “Shrink”


Ah, the joys of living in the country… Any uncovered patch of earth or unguarded flower pot is considered an open invitation for the local squirrels to try and plant a walnut tree. Not that there’s conclusive proof this is the “culprit”, but it’s as good an opportunity as any to try out the new zoom . . . → Read More: Nuts…