Random items

Things that came close to being thrown out this weekend, in no particular order:

Original Turbo Pascal 5.5 Upgrade on 5,25″ disks
Modula2 compiler, also on 5,25″ disks
Microsoft DirectX barf bag
3dfx key chain
Pen with integrated 80s-style LCD game
3 Iomega Jaz Disks (all probably dead from click-of-death-syndrome)
12 Ikea LACK table legs
CodeWarrior for PlayStation Net Yaroze
Watcom C++ 10.5
Intel spring-loaded wind-up . . . → Read More: Random items


Almost a year since the last post. So where has the time gone? Might be the house and renovation projects. Might be the garden. Might be work. Or other constructive tasks such as gaming improving hand-eye coordination

BrĂ¼tal Legend

Awesome, dude. But still slightly flawed. Less RTS and more shredding enemies would have been . . . → Read More: So…

Solid State Disk? Boring…

Solid state laser FTW… In stock at amazon yet, . . . → Read More: Solid State Disk? Boring…

Kill it with fire!

As if having eight legs wasn’t . . . → Read More: Kill it with fire!

Almost totally pointless…

…but I can post from my iPhone. Why? Because I can Although now that I’m a registered developer, I suppose I should find more useful things to do . . . → Read More: Almost totally pointless…