Someone else’s summary…

So much of this seems so familiar…

One thing that is a bit of mystery to me is why so much time and money is spent (sorry, “invested”) in finding the bestofthebestofthebestsir, only to use them on dead-end projects where only the lowest common denominator skills are actually required. And why bother even filling your ranks with . . . → Read More: Someone else’s summary…

No-one expects the bamboo stick…

Potentially dangerous items used today:

1200w circular saw
1010w router
1.5 ton motor vehicle
Kitchen knives

Items with which I managed to hurt myself:

Chopstick-sized bamboo stick supporting a . . . → Read More: No-one expects the bamboo stick…

No-one expects the ravioli can…

Dangerous items used today (selection):

New 1200W circular saw
Freshly sharpened Swiss army knife
Assorted kitchen knives
300°+ soldering iron
Lawn mower

Items with which I managed to hurt myself:

Empty can of . . . → Read More: No-one expects the ravioli can…

Single point of failure

The downside to a two-piece frame is that the connection between the two pieces needs to be at least as strong as the frame itself. Unfortunately, the piece of metal that is used to secure the frame of our crosstrainer was weaker than required, since a 2x4cm piece of it simply snapped off. Since the beast . . . → Read More: Single point of failure

I’ll swallow your soul!

Note to self: If at all possible, stick to working for small companies or those that have retained the small company feeling. I always assumed people were exaggerating in their tales of trench wars between departments, or the sheer amount of hot air that can be produced and time that can be wasted without anything actually . . . → Read More: I’ll swallow your soul!